#11 Nicolai Klindt... 'Danes, planes and whatever it takes!'

Episode 11,   Mar 04, 2020, 12:13 PM

Join host MIKE BACON as he chats to Danish star Nicolai Klindt about his life on the shale.

- Where it all began
- Life in England
- Had to be Wolves
- Sacked, sacked and sacked again!
- Big beard man
- A young Danish champ
- So close to quitting
- Not always such a fast starter!
- Surprise at not being a Pirate
- All over Europe, what it takes
- Crump and Pedersen back!
- My Ipswich Witches hopes
- How to improve the sport
- How much has been ploughed into Klindt 2020
- Making it into the GPs?

And much, much more.
Join Mike and Nicolai for this hour-long special at how it all started for the Dane and where he is still hoping for it all to go.