A Fernandes-led tactical evolution could help Man Utd re-paint Old Trafford red

Season 6, Episode 32,   Mar 05, 2020, 07:08 PM

START – 00:13:50 | Liverpool lose again

'Billy Gilmour can be Chelsea's third guy.'

00:13:50 – 00:21:045 | Tim Krul's viral water bottle & FA Cup favourites

'The Norwich goalkeeper was a pure super villain.'

22:00 - 29:32 | A history lesson in how the 2010s turned Old Trafford blue

'City's gradual supplanting of United is the trend that defined English football in the last decade'

29:32 - 00:59:20 | ...but a Fernandes-led tactical evolution could re-paint the town red in the 20s

‘We can expect Fernandes to join De Bruyne and Alexander-Arnold as the league’s chief creators’

00:59:20 - END | Premier League predictions

‘Mourinho said his players were physically dead...if there’s one game you wouldn’t want to play, it’s Burnley away’