AYP 41: "Comedically playing with your innards"

Season 4, Episode 1,  Mar 10, 2020, 06:00 PM

WE'RE BACK.  After the excitement of 'AYP Festival Fest 2018 (Cancelled)', we needed a rest, so we had one, and then realised that we had recorded a couple of episodes prior to 'AYPFF2019(C)' which John utterly failed to upload (John failing to upload things is going to crop up again next week). ANYWAY, this episode and the one after it sees us trying out a format idea kindly donated to us by Gary Wilcox, where a set of questions results in some music-based answers.  Mike named this format 'Autophonography' but for some reason in AYPs 41 & 42 we keep ham-fistedly referring to it as 'Audiophonography'.  Please ignore this of AYP 41 & 42s John & Mike - they're clearly idiots.  In AYP 41, it's John's turn in the hot seat while Mike grills him about which songs was #1 when he was born (it's a lucky escape, folks), what the first album & single he bought was, and what he listens to when he's happy or sad.