Season 4, Episode 2,  Mar 10, 2020, 06:40 PM

TWO EPISODES IN A DAY?!  We really want you to get a flavour of the Autophonography vibes, so that if you want to take part in an AYP recording, you'll be prepped.  As mentioned previously, we recorded these before 'AYP Festival Fest 2018 (Cancelled)' (Thanks, Barry) and then didn't upload them, but NOW IS AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY, RIGHT?  Not least because next week there's going to be someone joining us, and not only will they be doing an Autophonography, but we'll be saying it right instead of calling it 'Audiophonography' like we've done for the last two weeks.  This time, Mike's going to be taking an interrogation from John about preferred happy/sad songs, first albums, and #1 songs from the day he was born.  In addition, there is a discussion about what you can call your kids in New Zealand.  So that's fun!