Control Freak Boss | Office Horror Stories

Episode 44,   May 14, 2020, 09:00 AM

What do you do when your boss is a control freak? A control freak that can't handle reality and ends up trying to overcharge the customers for the sake of their ego!? That's today, on Office Horror Stories.
Here's a preview of our story.

"Hutch insisted that only one person was always to be on the job until the job was done, that one guy Keenan. All the while, he'd pressure Keenan to get it done. Remorseless to how much work he added was at least 3 weeks of work. Hutch lost his mind when Keenan didn't have the work done in less than a week.

All of these "faults" were to belittle Marvin and me because Hutch couldn't stand to realize that Marvin and me, but mostly Marvin, could actually have successfully, had such a fancy home addition for the cost Marvin and I painstakingly made sure would be possible. All of Hutch's unnecessary changes brought the project up to $87,000. The homeowner could only pay an additional $5,000. Hutch blamed Marvin for the huge loss of money on the project.

Keenan ended up walking off the job first thing in the morning when he was reamed at out by Hutch less than an hour after he had begun working after he tried to stand up for himself and was pushed deep into the dirt for not working fast enough."

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