Minisode 15: Listener Mail: What Got You Interested In History & Politics

Mar 16, 2020, 11:30 AM
On our previous minisode we discussed what sparked our interests in American history and politics. This episode we flipped the topic to y’all and shared some of the feedback we received.

We hear from Josh at The Bloody Beaver Podcast, who shares his political origin story, how he became politically homeless in 2016 and how this has shifted his behavior as a result. We listen to a message from Matt Abedi, a former-political strategist/podcaster (‎We're Just Here to Help), who talks about growing up in an intellectually rigorous family and how that foundation fostered his interest in debate and politics. Our favorite listener/superstar Annie writes in with memories of loving history from a young age and coming of age during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. We received not one but TWO voice messages from the brilliant ladies of the HERstory on the Rocks podcast!! Both co-hosts Allie and Katie explain their backgrounds and how having feminist historians in the family gave them outlets to explore different viewpoints--they both wanted to be archaeologists because of it too! We read a message from a listener via Reddit who shares how their fascination with history began in college when learning about the history of China, and how important it is for students to learn about the histories of people who look like them. Such plentiful and thoughtful feedback this minisode!! To everyone who sent in feedback please hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way, thanks loves!

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HERstory on the Rocks

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