Episode 110: Zone of Genius

Mar 17, 2020, 01:15 AM

The People Podcast celebrates its 4th Anniversary with a conversation with Branding Guru Kate Obert along with a commentary about The Coronavirus, including how life came at a lot of us really fast

The 2020 Season continues and this episode is a double landmark: It's the 110th Episode and we celebrate our 4th Anniversary. This week's guest is branding guru Kate Obert

Kate is a fashion Stylist turned Brand Strategist who has an eye, ear, and nose for Branding. She joins the Pod from Los Angeles (Starts around the 25:00 mark) to talk about:

• The Fundamentals of Branding
• The Importance of the Long Game in Business
• What you brand's colors say about you
• How she first got into branding
• What is the "Zone of Genius" and how she found her's
• The importance of knowing your Audience

Plus, Jay has a monologue on how the Coronavirus has changed the world, and why it's past time to get serious about this. He also has a word or two for knuckleheads who talk a lot but say nothing during times like this.

Thank You for 4 Years!!! Let's do 4 More!

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