136: Lost Girls and All Good Things

Mar 18, 01:00 PM
[Mgmt. apologizes for various sound issues, incl. 1) construction noise next door; 2) dog being a yappy heller; and 3) Skype throttling Kevin's sound.]

Kevin Smokler is back to discuss Liz Garbus's feature on one fragment of the Long Island Serial Killer case -- Lost Girls, based on Robert Kolker's excellent book. We like everyone involved, but aren't sure we can recommend the film, because despite excellent sources and performances (mostly), the film isn't sure who it's for.

All Good Things, Andrew Jarecki's FIRST take on Robert Durst's various (alleged?) misdeeds, is worth watching, if only as a primer on the case if you've forgotten what went down in The Jinx. Events of the case have overtaken it, and Ryan Gosling is miscast...and yet an abundance of acting talent and a few flawlessly done moments make it worthwhile. If you must leave the house for a sandwich, please pay for it: it's The Blotter Presents, Episode 136.