Socially Distant Edition

Mar 19, 11:00 AM
In this week’s episode, Christians will prove they can ALWAYS outcrazy a public panic, Donald Trump tells us to be prayer the ides of March, and we’ll meet a cult that was hiding in their homes before it was cool.
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Mark Taylor says its a distraction so trump can purge the deep state
Jerry Falwell, Jr. Falsely Claims Coronavirus May Be a North Korean Bioweapon
Pastor: Coronavirus is Satan’s Way of Killing Old People So Socialism Can Thrive
Isreli Rabbi says its gay pride parades
Gay people 
Church of cyprus says god would never let corona spread via communion
Pastor: Churches That Close Due to Coronavirus Are Run by Neutered “Pansies”
Televangelist: Touch My Oily Hand Through the TV and I’ll Cure Your Coronavirus
Cindy Jacobs calls it illegal
Church wants at least 250 people 
This Week in Misogyny:
Lori Alexander: Abortion and Being Trans Are Worse Than Coronavirus
Lori Alexander: Coronavirus is god’s way of making mom’s homeschool their kids: