Critical Resources Available Now for our Small Businesses | HaneyBiz Daily Webinar Series

Mar 20, 11:45 PM
Sacramento Metro Chamber CEO, Amanda Blackwood and her team have been integral in a highly coordinated effort between local businesses, elected officials, and state and federal agencies to provide information about and access to emergency resources for our small businesses and non-profits.  The headlines from our conversation with her:

SBA Disaster Loan Program -- CA is one of the first states to receive funds.  They are making application and qualification as easy as possible so -- Get in the pipeline - APPLY NOW.  They are funding loans of up to $2M.

Keep calm and use your resources: There are resources rapidly coming online to support small business owners and their employees.  Take advantage of them as soon as you can.

Check back regularly: The situation is changing rapidly.  So, continue to check in and follow up.  What you didn’t qualify for yesterday, you may qualify for tomorrow. Or, there may be new resources available.

Take care of yourself and others:  Local coordination has been inspiring and effective.  If we keep committed to taking good care of ourselves and others, we will get through this together and emerge stronger!

Additional resources to bookmark:

Online Hub of Resources:
Online Survey:
SBA Disaster Loans:
Virtual Town Hall:

EDD: Unemployment claims / Layoff claims

With almost universal business disruption on hand, what actions can and should entrepreneurs and small business be taking? You don't have to figure this out alone.
On behalf of HaneyBiz, I would like to invite you to a daily webinar series featuring experts from our community who will provide actionable guidance on everything from applying for emergency loans to getting tech set up for remote workers to HR policies.

We will be going live every day at 2pm to talk to a specific expert, or a panel of experts. You can join us on the live webinar via Zoom and ask any questions you may have for our team, or the expert panel. If you are unable to join us for the live session we will be recording and posting these sessions on our podcast (Itunes & Spotify) and our YouTube channel.

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