Stuart Maconie on Diamond Dogs Part 1

Mar 24, 2020, 01:14 PM

This ain't Rock'n'Roll! This is genocide!

In the year of the Diamond Dogs... while the zombie peoploids were crawling through Hunger City yowling with rage, a cheerful 13 year old lad in Wigan encountered Bowie's chilling, thrilling 'Diamond Dogs' LP. Today, Stuart Maconie, BBC DJ, critic and author joins me for a wonderfully rambling and enjoyable chat about all things Diamond Dogs. In this first episode, as well as recalling those halcyon days of the mid 1970s (and indeed they were halcyon, according to his new book The Nanny State Made Me),  we delve deep into the mid 70s world of Bowie, the rise and fall of glam, debate the Rolling Stones, why Jagger and Bowie fell out, what Paul McCartney told Stuart when he asked him about a legendary outtake, why Alan McGee inspired the 'Exactly!' game, more about Diamond Dogs, Brownie and Nidge and wonder why poor old Hallowe'en Jack only gets one line to himself. I hope you enjoy and of course, check out Stuart on BBC6 where his Freakzone show is a reliably magical pot pourri of esoteric sounds from distant shores and look out for his fantastic new book The Nanny State Made Me: A Story Of Britain And How To Save It here: