Find the Magic of Your Beauty

Mar 27, 2020, 11:00 AM

We all need a little bit of magic sometimes. Ale B has built a career by helping women of all ages see and feel who they are meant to be. She is a self-proclaimed light-worker helping others to reveal the magic of confidence, joy, and love in others. 

From an early age, Ale knew she was meant for more. With the help and encouragement of her mother, she found her true calling and has been beautifying the world ever since. An actor, director, teacher, set designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, producer, and choreographer, Ale wears many different hats. 

She reveals how her experiences have helped her to encourage and inspire others and how her business is changing in light of the current state of the world. We are in unprecedented times, but this does not give us the right to give up.

Listen as Ale shares how you can reveal your light and magic, why we need each other now more than ever, and why we need to take the time now to do some introspection. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions and work to reframe the negative. 

Ale is truly inspiring. Take some time and let her help you find your magic too.

Show Notes:
  • [01:40] We’re focusing on self-discovery.
  • [02:37] Welcome Ale B to chat about activating your magic. 
  • [03:05] Why did Ale become a beautifier? 
  • [05:05] What are the first steps you need to experience to activate your gifts? 
  • [07:21] How do you start living in the now? 
  • [09:54] Makeup is a revelation tool. Use it to enhance. 
  • [11:15] Ale shares her process for helping her clients believe in their gifts.
  • [12:50] Learn how Ale faces her fears.
  • [16:01] How can you reframe negative thoughts?
  • [19:07] Use this time to reconnect and rewire.
  • [22:41] Ale gives poignant advice on how to show the world your magic.
  • [24:13] Connect with Ale. 
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