Message in a bottle: Tirohana COVID-19 lockdown Podcast Special Episode 02

Episode 5,   Apr 03, 2020, 03:37 AM

From Martinborough New Zealand - a second podcast recorded at Ray's vineyard, Tirohana. As well as The Tribe, Ray is passionate about wine and this podcast is an update from his vineyard on what goes into a bottle of wine and what life is like now with the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand...

Full Description: Message in a bottle: Tirohana COVID-19 lockdown Podcast Episode 02. We hope you are all well as we enter another week of the Level 4 virus lockdown in NZ. To help pass the time during this difficult period - and to keep in touch with as many of our Tirohana friends and clients - we recorded a second episode of our Tirohana podcast which is now available.

Featuring Raymond Thompson, owner of the vineyard, and Toby James, Manager, we talk about how life currently is at the vineyard and what is going on in Martinborough, as well discussing more of the behind the scenes activity that goes into making Tirohana's handcrafted wines and our restaurant activity.

We hope you enjoy and this helps give something fun to listen to or watch over the coming weeks and months.

The 2020 vintage will certainly be one to remember, as will this period of time for us all. So we can keep in touch and

So whatever you are going through, if you are at home with your loved ones, socially distancing or in isolation, we are sending our thoughts and wishes out to you all from Tirohana central. Stay safe, stay positive and here's looking forward to the future.  Kia kaha.