Beth Allen (AMBER) New Interview - Virus Lockdown - The Tribe Official TV Series Podcast

Episode 6,   Apr 04, 2020, 08:01 AM

The wonderful Beth Allen (AMBER) in conversation with Raymond Thompson (Executive Producer, Creator of The Tribe TV Series) in a new interview, recorded during the real life virus COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown!

Beth Allen of course played the iconic role of Amber in the series but also has a long association with Cloud 9 over many years. Beth first starred as Princess Vara in Cloud 9's hit series 'The Legend of William Tell' and also in "William Shatner's A Twist in the Tale", another Cloud 9 series. In addition to portraying Amber in 5 seasons of The Tribe and 260 episodes, she was also in Cloud 9's series "Revelations - The Initial Journey".

A fabulous actress on screen, Beth has also acted on stage in many theatre productions - and is a successful and talented producer in her own right.

Recorded during the isolation/lockdown period in New Zealand (and around the world in many countries) due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, Beth and Ray shared a fun and insightful conversation 'together at home' which is hoped will help the time pass for so many who are currently inside or finding life challenging during this difficult time.

In New Zealand, Beth talks about her association with Cloud 9, work on The Tribe, fans of the series and also what she has been up to since the end of Season 5 - including becoming a mother in real life herself and the challenges (and joys) of motherhood.

The Tribe is a drama series set against a world that has been devastated by a virus pandemic, leaving the young people, teenagers and children left behind to build a new world, in a world without adults - it is also the 20th year anniversary since The Tribe was first broadcast in 1999 - and how prophetic and ironic that so many of the themes and issues explored in the series are now echoing in the state of the real world in 2020.

As well as YouTube, episodes of The Tribe (and Cloud 9's other series like The Legend of William Tell, William Shatner's A Twist in the Tale and Revelations can now be watched on Amazon Prime in the USA and UK, Tubi, Pluto.TV and in high quality in many countries on Cloud 9's Vimeo channel with more ways to watch we hope coming soon.

Thanks to Beth and Ray for taking the time to record this and we hope you enjoy this new podcast interview.

Stay safe, strong and keep the dream alive. #TheTribe #Virus #Lockdown 

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