Exploring: The Disobedient Child

Episode 145,   Apr 05, 2020, 09:02 AM

An exploring session on the play The Disobedient Child by Thomas Ingleland

Exploring: The Disobedient Child by Thomas Ingleand
This exploring episode was recorded virtually online, as the lockdown bites around the world - other virtual episodes are available as videos on YouTube, except this one, because of a few problems with the feed which are easier fixed in audio than video. More of these will come into the podcast as we go.
The Disobedient Child was printed in the 1560's, but there's a putative date of writing around 1550. It's... all a bit sad by the end, but it's a play with a lot of fascinating business. See Nice Wanton for a different take on this sort of thing, and The Prodigal Son for literally the same story told in a different way.
The Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars this episode were Sam Plumb as the variously named Son, Rebecca Starling as the variously named wife and maid-cook, Alex Scott Fairley as the variously named father and man-cook,  with host Robert Crighton as a servant. All other parts read by the group.
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