The Reset Rebel meets Mirella Ingamells to talk fitness after Mum life begins.

Episode 76,  Apr 06, 2020, 07:46 AM

At the close of week number two of Indian lockdown podcast hostess Jo Youle takes a walk to GuruKul  - the place where she met Monty a year ago in Goa - Director of the documentary Magic Medicine about the trials of Psychosilibin on patients with depression in London.

On this sneaky lunchtime stroll she reflects about the impact of lockdown in India, where 1.3 billion are being held at home - some without even a lock on their door and for  millions, creating a displacement as they battle to get back to their villages across the country. 

It felt right to introduce todays guest at this moment, Mirella Ingamells, who holds the stance of Strong not skinny for women, which first attracted Jo our podcast hostess to her instagram page, as she holds workout session for Ibiza residents in a bid to knock them physically into shape. 

What we are noticing from lockdown is that the only way though is to figh the daily mental ups and downs with strong workouts and if anyone does this best it is Mirella, a previous Sports model who has taken to the stage many times, to showcase the incredible physique she has cultivated through pure discipline and strength of will, determination and belief that she will reach her goals.

If ever there was a time when we need to believe in our own strength? It is now. So we hope you enjpy listening to this chat between Jo - who also got shipped into shape at her workout groups sessions shortly afterwards. 

We can confirm she is a Demon and huge inspiration to women to get strong, not be skinny and empower themselves.....