Never the Twain

Sep 30, 2015, 08:35 AM

"The GDR's national team - so notorious for choking when it counted - managed to qualify for a World Cup for the only time in their history. It was, of course, the World Cup in West Germany"
In Episode Six of the Blizzard Podcast we bring you Uli Hesse's 'Never the Twain' looking back at the meeting between East Germany and West Germany at the 1974 World Cup, and the consequences of a meeting between an East German player and the West German Minister of Finance, which was first published in Issue Thirteen in June 2014.
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Uli Hesse is the author of Tor! The Story of German Football and co-author of Who Invented the Stepover? He has also written three German-language football books, is a regular columnist for ESPN, a contributing editor of Champions magazine and has been published on five continents.
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