Season 2, Episode 43,  Apr 13, 2020, 01:15 AM

What would Brian Bevan say podcast is honoured to be in the presence of Warrington Wolves legend and now head of strength & conditioning for England Rugby Union - Jon Clarke.  In an hour-long special, Jon reflects on his amazing Rugby League journey from signing as a teenager for Wigan, to his move to the capital following a life-changing experience, his arrival at his beloved Wire, and how his fondness for the Widnes pitch lead to a resowing of his lawn. We discuss his Warrington coaches - Darryl van der Velde and Steve Anderson, his adulation of Paul Cullen and how 'Psycho' saved the club, the art of Tony Smith's shit sandwiches, and just why Warrington missed out on a Super League title. He tells the podcast how the tragic loss of Paul Darbyshire affected him, and how Paul's son is now following in his wonderful father's footsteps. We also hear which Wire player defies all logic in his preparation for a game by eating a morning fry-up, and the secret for us all to staying fit and healthy during these difficult times. And chat about the brilliant players Jon has played with, from Andrew Johns and Alfie Langer, to Brett Hodgson and even Lee Briers! An episode not to be missed by any true Wire fan.