Building and Leading a Community with Rob Williams from RAD Radio

Apr 15, 2020, 10:00 PM

Building a community is one thing, but how can you build a community that looks to you as a leader during times like this?
Rob Williams, the host of RAD Radio, has built one of the most loyal communities in the Sacramento region. He has developed a connection with his audience that keeps them coming back day in and day out. They are now looking to him during this time of crisis for not only entertainment, but for support and information.  

I sat down with him, yes more than 6ft away, to find out how he built his audience during 9/11 by leaving his phone lines open so that people could call in and share, and how he is supporting today's audience in a similar way. We also talk about how he is leading his team through the uncertainty and what he thinks the future holds for programs like his.

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