Lockdown Cocktails with Sean Blake

Apr 17, 2020, 01:00 AM
Sean Blake is (in his own words) a part time food and drink photographer, music producer, low skilled worker and full time dad. He’s a big advocate for making food and drink more approachable and less wanky, and he makes the best cocktails of anyone I've ever met. Having managed the bar and designed menus for the likes of the Polpo group, Brunswick House, Pitt Cue Co, run Sean's Bar pop ups all over London, been a YBF finalist, and co-founded Corals in Peckham with Lerryn Whitfield, I thought he would be a great person to talk to about making the most interesting drinks possible with the dregs of your cupboards. But it turns out there's a much bigger conversation to be had about the future of drinking once this is all over.

You can find Sean on instagram @eatseanblake; I'm sharing some of his incredible photography on the Lecker instagram too @leckerpodcast.

Support your local bar/pub/distillery/brewery at this time. Sean recommends Sweet Dram, a distillery founded in Peckham, now based in Edinburgh. They normally make Escubac but have switched to producing hand sanitiser. He's getting beer from Gypsy Hill Brewery (my local is Brick Brewery and their fruit sours are the best.)

A lot of bars are also doing pre-pay drinks schemes: so you buy now and drink once they re-open. Check out your local bars to see if they're doing something similar.

Any struggling hospitality workers should look into Speciality drinks/Suntory bartender packages available online for struggling hospitality workers.

The newsletter I mentioned at the end of the episode is Vittles: Jonathan Nunn is commissioning so many interesting people to write about food and some incredibly important topics are being covered. Subscribe and support if you can afford to.

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