Why Effective Communication is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Apr 17, 2020, 11:00 AM

*We apologize for any issues with sound quality. Due to the ever-changing state of the world because of Covid-19, many of our guests are taking interviews and recording shows outside of their homes which interferes with the recording.*

Communication is the common thread that connects to each other and the world surrounding us. When global events impact your communication network, it’s important that the leaders in your organization work to communicate effectively and empathetically with the workforce.

Tracey Mendelsohn, Co-Principle of Human Impact Solutions and President and CEO of Black Public Relations Society-New York, joins me to chat about the importance of communication in trying times.

No matter if you’re facing a global pandemic or some other economic issue, remember that you and your company will be remembered for what you do and not for what you say you’ll do. Tracey shares some wonderful pieces of advice regarding communicating with extreme empathy in trying times. 

We briefly touch on the issues of diversity and inclusion as well. Now more than ever companies need to remember that culture is what is important. While the happenings around the world are terrible. The loss of life and the utter devastation that many are feeling is incomprehensible.

The moment that we have been given to pause and tend to oneself and one’s family is a miraculous byproduct. Many people have come to Tracey and expressed their realization that they’ve not been happy with their job or the stressors. She stresses that everyone take this time to reconnect with the things they’re passionate about and to invest time in building those skills. 

What are you learning? How are you growing? Have you been spending more time with your kids and your family? What will this mean in the future?

Take this time to ponder upon these questions. Hopefully we won’t have this kind of time again!

Show Notes:
  • [01:45] Communication is the thread that moves through all areas of our lives.
  • [02:46] Welcome Tracey Mendelsohn to the show to chat about effective communication.
  • [03:34] Why brand management and marketing communications? 
  • [06:08] What is the best way to communicate with our coworkers, peers, and staff?
  • [11:03] Tracey clarifies which study she referenced that Richard Edelman did recently.
  • [12:28] How can you maintain your networking in these troubling times? 
  • [15:29] Learn how you can approach a challenge while still providing support.
  • [19:37] While not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur, you can find a positive work environment. 
  • [21:37] Diversity is not a numbers game it’s a culture investment.
  • [23:15] How can you use this moment to benefit your future? 
  • [26:13] Connect with Tracey.
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