COVID-19: How do you quickly digitise your services?

Apr 21, 2020, 06:00 AM
As we forge on through the Coronavirus pandemic, many charities are having to adapt to maintain their services in a whole new environment, literally overnight. Face to face contact is no longer an option, causing multiple issues for many in the sector. But the ingenuity of the charity worker is prevailing.

Alongside the need to re-skill staff in digital, transform ways of working and bring fundraising online, we’re starting to see inspiring examples of charities who are pulling out all the stops to still be there for their service users in digital form.

In our latest podcast Rosie Milsom, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Caudwell LymeCo and Joyce Borgs, Digital Practice and Learning Associate at CAST and The Catalyst join us for a chat on how charities can quickly move their services online, how to overcome barriers and how you can help your service users to migrate with you. We also take a look at some of our favourite tools that charities can use to deliver digital services.

Want to share how your charity is becoming more digital as a result of COVID-19, share it with us here.