Episode #332: ‘Pitch’ 1x04 - All Stars Wear Pants

Apr 20, 2020, 06:16 PM

We're all All Stars on ReWatchable this weekend as the Padres host the MLB All-Star weekend and we discuss Pitch season 1, episode 4, "The Break."

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Kendra and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Brittany and Ariana have watched all of Lovesick and they highly recommend it if you love Johnny Flynn and romantic comedies. Kendra has been playing a board game called Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising and it is very hard. But it comes with a tiny twirling Voldemort! Danielle is watching Marvel movies. I mean when isn't she? Her real fun fact is that she got her cat who she is calling Josie! She has already caused some crashing noises for ReWatchable so she is qualified for any future open hosting positions.

Pitch season 1, episode 4, "The Break"
- Ginny makes the All-Star Team by an unconventional method
- Should Ginny have been on the team?
- We have a timeline! It's July and Ginny has been on the team for a little less than a month at this point
- Blip is going to Disney World! No, he isn't! Yes, he is! Wait, he isn't.
- We're learning so much about how the All-Star game actually works
- Come hell or chicken pox, Evelyn is going on vacation with her family
- What does this illuminate about their relationship?
- Lawson is always and All Star, but he needs a break because the man cannot put his pants on
- What is Mike's actual phase 2? Broadcast? Coach? Going to the MET ball?
- We're skipping 12 steps here, but let's talk about Ginny and Mike's phone call
- Are there vibes?
- Let's talk about Ginny and her mom. It's very complicated, but there seems to be a clear path forward
- "There's always another All-Star Game" well unless it's 2020
- What is actually going on with the brother?
- Is there a path forward for their relationship?
- Oscar does his Oscar thing in this episode
- We get a backstory for Oscar and the impact that Al has had in his life
- What do we think about the new player coming in to push Mike out?
- Why Disney WORLD?
- Favorite Scenes
- Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
- I tried to run a poll it did not go well... Thank you, for proving my point -- B

Brittany's Brainstorms and Kendra's Kreeping Suspicions:
-Pitch season 1, episode 5, "Alfonso Guzman-Chavez"

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