Brand Strategist & Founder - Collette Philip

Apr 22, 2020, 05:30 AM
Intentional, optimistic and sharp are three words to describe this week’s guest - Brand Strategist and Founder of Brand By Me, Collette Philip. 

She discusses knowing early on that she wanted to work for the greater good and be a leader. As as a child she focused her aspirations on becoming the UK's prime minister (something that she says is still on the table). Studying Business and German at University, she discovered she really enjoyed modules focusing on 'marketing' which resulted in her landing an Account Manager role at Grey’s London, as soon as she completed her degree.

Spending a number of years in AdLand she realised she was finding herself continually in a cycle of sticky floors or bumping up against glass ceilings when focusing on her progression. She pivoted her career to working directly with charities and after 18 years of building and shaping other brands she decided to found her own - setting up Brand By Me in 2016. 💡

She discusses the things, as an owner of a small business she is facing as a result of quarantine. Has some fabulous thoughts and tips for managing your brand - whether that be organisational or your personal brand during the Covid19 crisis and reflects on the importance of dealing with past baggage to ensure you can move forward.

We ❤️Collette.

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