Once upon a time there was... "yew knee"

Apr 28, 2020, 06:00 AM
You know how sometimes it is useful to help take our minds off other things just for a short time. Well, this is a 10 minute bonus podcast that is a little tongue in cheek, but is intended to provoke an intelligent discussion about an important subject. A P.R.O.U.D. Podcast is about professional business skills and how we learn them.

Once you have listened to this podcast I think you may agree that it is a little different and I am sure you will have your own ideas. So if it made you pause and think, whether you agree or not, then feel free to kindly share this podcast with those you care about.

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You can find out more about Matthew Broomhead and read his blog at www.matthewbroomhead.co.uk

Original Article: Matthew Broomhead 2015
Additional Script: Matthew Broomhead 2020
Edited by: Matthew Broomhead
Music: Matthew Broomhead : pre-2008 (using Roland 303) & 2020 (using GarageBand).

A P.RO.U.D. Podcast - helping to make life a little easier for Professionals.