Publicist & Communications Specialist - Anita Yardemian 🇺🇸

Apr 29, 2020, 05:30 AM
For episode 74 we are are joined by Los Angeles based Publicist and Communications Specialist, Anita Yardemian.

She discusses the range and diversity of her job; strategy, brand management, PR, media and VIP relations, event producing and journalism. Anita shares how she has crafted and adapted the journalist element of her work to ensure she has more autonomy, creativity and more direct involvement in her community. 

Working with big luxury brands, such as Westime & Ferrari. Big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kylie Jenner. Anita talks about how she manages the pressure and also on occasion, a big ego  - with empathy and embracing conflict as a way of creative collaboration.

She also discusses the importance of networks, personal brand and how she is managing the current crisis.

If you would like to connect with Anita or discover more of how incredibly brilliant she is you can do so at: (we loved the 'Behind the Scenes' section and all decided we needed to head LA as soon as possible).

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