Episode 87 - Discover How to Find The Warrior Woman Within

Season 1, Episode 87,  Jun 03, 2020, 07:50 PM

Kathi Tait
Transformative coach and an award-winning management Accountant Kathi Tait is known as the Bald Warrior.  Being bald with a dragon tattoo covering her head, you cannot help but want to know more about this author, speaker, and successful business owner. 
After suffering significant losses as a child, her suppressed pain manifested itself as hair loss, called Alopecia. 
Having spent a lifetime with low self-esteem, getting tangled in toxic relationships, and years of self-sabotaging, she now has taken her power back, ditched the wigs she had been hiding under, and learning the confidence to be her true self.
In this episode of the We Are Women Podcast; Kathi explains how you can do the same to find your power and stand in your uniqueness. Her social enterprise, the Bald Warrior Movement fights to smash social norms around body image and to empower women everywhere by 1. Owning Your Shit, 2. Embracing Fear, 3. Defying Norms, 4. Dreaming Big, and 5. Manifesting Now.  Listen to learn how.

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