To Bleach His Own Edition

Apr 30, 11:00 AM
In this week’s episode, the one time we hope Donald Trump's fans are listening and “he was only joking”, we learn about the Kalam meteorological pound cake apologetic, and even Noah start wondering where the hell Noah has been.

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Did Trump Get the Idea for Injecting Disinfectants From Florida’s Bleach Church?:
A Hate Crimes Bill in Scotland Will Finally Abolish the Country’s Blasphemy Law:
Pastor: In a Financial Crisis, Give to Church...That 10% Doesn’t Belong to You:
Right-Wing Pastor: Send Me Cash So God Can Defeat Satan’s “One World System”:
Scamvangelist Praises Donors for Buying Him the World’s “Finest” Private Jet:
Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Threaten “Drastic Steps” If Corona Limits Aren’t Eased: