The LBJs: Episode 20 (Lady Bird Johnson vs Eartha Kitt & Johnson's Jumbo Johnson)

May 04, 2020, 10:30 AM
This episode we are drankin’ Whiskey Sours, the deliciously tart and (as you will hear) deceptively strong cocktail. This drink was in it’s heyday in the 60s but the recipe is over 300 years old! Cheers y’all, to easy drinking whiskey that keeps the scurvy at bay!

ALSO DISCUSSED: Little Beagle Johnson, South Cackalacky, Hasan Minaj, burying the living, Amos & Andy, white nonsense, malarkey, Stephanie’s angry black laugh, Bloody Beaver Podcast, eye rolling sounds, Kenny Rogers, screaming into the void, and Bobby Brown.

STEPHANIE explores that time when Eartha Kitt had the nerve to speak her mind about the Vietnam War at a White House ladies luncheon. Her questions & statements directed at both LBJ’s were interpreted as anti-war and very scandalous. They picked the wrong token for this little lunch, it seems!

TUX dives into the scandal of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s johnson and his very penis-centric personal life. Buckle up, this story is a big ol’ one in every sense!

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