Wednesday, May 6: Stung by a Murder Hornet, Canceling Spring Sports, Dr. Rich Diana on Playing Football for Don Shula

May 06, 2020, 05:45 PM

Chaz and AJ acknowledged the death of legendary NFL coach Don Shula, and Chaz shared a brief but hysterical story of bumping into Dan Marino. (0:00) 

Audio of a man being stung by a murder hornet, the Giant Asian Hornet that has recently been spotted in the United States. Plus, the Tribe calls in their bee sting stories. (5:11) 

Glenn Lungarini was on to announce that the decision to keep schools closed for the remainder of the academic year, has forced their decision to abandon plans at salvaging any spring sports for the year. Does he know which sports might be easiest to start up when the time is right? Plus, Senator Blumenthal checks in to ask for some help acquiring masks for a veteran council in need. (18:39)  

Movie and TV critic Joe Meyers was on again to talk about the shows everyone is watching. Chaz really latched on to "Dead to Me," while AJ has been enjoying a show called, "Mom." (31:50) 

Boss Keith started his day irritated after listening to Chaz and AJ pick apart Eddie Vedder's "All In Challenge" package, and got fact-checked on the air. Then, Dr. Rich Diana was on to talk about the passing of Don Shula, who coached him in the NFL. (41:23) 

Ashley continued to go through her parents' record collection, and there was some confusion (on AJ's part) about who the lead singer was in the band, Bread. (56:29)