Thursday, May 7: Employment Attorney Bob Mitchell Helps the Tribe, Jimmy Koplik on Concerts in 2020, AJ Begins "Miles for Masks"

May 07, 2020, 06:06 PM

A recap of Governor Lamont's call yesterday, and his thoughts on which businesses can begin opening during each phase. Plus, the crew is frustrated with the sanitizing process of their groceries. (0:00) 

Scot Haney was on for an early weekend forecast (which might include snow!?) and talks about the antibody test for COVID-19. (11:44)  

Employment attorney Bob Mitchell was on to help the Tribe through some confusion and uncertainty. He also answers a frequently asked question, "what happens if I'm collecting unemployment and have to go back to work?" (19:22) 

Bob from Labonne's Market explains the meat shortage, and how long it could affect consumers. (37:06)  

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik did not have any news to break, but he did explain how concerts in 2020 could work, if they are given the green light by Governor Lamont. Plus, some shows for the summer have still not been canceled or rescheduled, so what does that mean for people who bought tickets? (52:08) 

AJ begins his 24 hour biking marathon for "Miles for Masks," despite sounding extremely unprepared for what's ahead. Plus, Bob Stefanowski was on to explain how Masks for CT are helping a lot of people who still cannot find the masks they need. (1:12:20) 

John Foley, naval aviator with the Blue Angels was on to help AJ through his 24 hour "Miles for Masks." John also explained the "spud locker" and shared a story about the time he thought he was absolutely going to die. (1:24:05) 

Beth the cyclist and trainer was back on to encourage AJ, despite not taking any of her advice from her previous call this week. (1:36:03)