How Hotel Technology can Help Drive Recovery

May 13, 2020, 05:59 PM
In today's podcast we are joined by Alan O'Riordan, co-founder of apaleo

You can also watch the video on our YouTube Channel here:

We talk with Alan about areas he has covered in a recently written white paper

Alan discusses the following areas and subjects:

  • Why traditional legacy technology systems can bring some limitations and how these have been highlighted during Covid-19. (4:26) 
    • Remote access can be challenging 
    • Scaling down and back up could be difficult 
    • Re-configuring your core system may require third party support 
      • Rate Plans
      • Guest messaging
  • The need to explore new technologies in response to guest requirements post crisis and what some of those technologies could be. (10:18) 
    • Guest facing technology 
      • Messaging, Mobile check-in, Check-out, Key card
    •  Back office 
      • PMS, RMS, PoS and CRM
      • How the need for a CRM is likely to increase

  • Why now is the perfect time to be evaluating a hotel tech stack and seriously consider making changes. (17:39) 
    • Time to evaluate 
    • Testing of trial systems 
    • Explore peripheral solutions 
    • Comparison with the smart phone experience 
    • Data migration

  • How an Open API approach can provide hotels with an opportunity to come out of the crisis leaner, more efficient, effective and productive. (25:50) 
    • Future proof integrations 
    • Innovative technology 
    • Cost efficient 
    • No capex 
    • Greater control and autonomy 
    • Remote access 
    • Compete with OTAs with greater direct booking provision

We hope you enjoy it