Episode #335: ‘Pitch’ 1x07 - Two Days Off In Ten Days

May 14, 2020, 05:50 PM

ReWatchable tries to keep it business professional as we head up to San Francisco and strip down Pitch season 1, episode 7, "San Francisco."

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Brittany and Natalie

Fun Facts: Brittany has found a new cartoon thanks to insomnia and thinks everyone should watch Harley Quinn. Natalie has some updates and information on an initiative from the wonderful people at Random Acts called AMOK (Annual Melee of Kindness). Check out the website for how to get involved! Danielle is on a Twilight kick, she swears not because if Midnight Sun, but because of the TikTok videos to "Bella's Lullaby."

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Pitch season 1, episode 7, "San Francisco"
- Meet your newest Padre - Levan Duarte
- Is he the absolute worst? Or does he just need to learn a lesson?
- What do we think about how Mike handled Duarte's arrival?
- Did the flashbacks help a bit more here than they do in perhaps some other episodes?
- To no one's surprise, Ariana loves Levan
- Levan treats Ginny as a player and, honestly, he is the only one
- Can Levan make it work and adapt so that both he and Mike can stay forever?
- Mike speaking to the press, covering for Levan, and making Ginny listen to his calls is what makes him a good captain
- What do we think about someone else getting a flashback? Would a flashback work for anyone else on Pitch?
- How did we take the father reveal in the flashbacks?
- Mike's mom is a hard pill to swallow
- Did Mike stay in San Diego for his dad?
- Is Mike leaving? Did he start trade rumors?
- "We have two days off in 10 days" is going to be my go-to line when someone starts to complain about something at work they have no control over
- Al takes Ginny out for a night on the town -- to ease her nerves and take her mind off the game
- In the actual game, Ginny listens to Levan and the panel listens to Danielle and Brittany talk about pitcher rules
- What do we think about how the picture plot turned out?
- The fake mole. Cannot believe this was the redeeming Amelia arc.
- So many players showed up!
- Favorite Scenes
- Favorite Lines

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- Talk about it on Twitter! Dan Fogelman is interested, so... we have a shot here!
- The more the merrier for Pitch! Join us!

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