Has anyone made the Schalke null vier joke yet?

May 19, 06:40 PM
After a long, long break, the Onefootball podcast is back. And so too is actual football.

Is that a coincidence? No.

Joining Ian McCourt is Dan Burke, Nico Heymer and Joana Bueno.

So yeh, (Bundesliga) football. Is. Back.

Do we need to say more?

Yes. The podcast crew break down the weekend action across the Bundesliga from Bayern v Union to Dortmund v Schalke via the latest from RB Leipzig.

There are also a few other topics to discuss, like the return of the Premier League (should it even come back?); the return of lower leagues (can they come back?); and the rest of what has gone down in Europe.

What more could you want? More football? Yeah us too.