Hotel Messaging as we Start to Re-Open and Move Towards a Cookie Free World in 2023

May 20, 2020, 03:00 PM
In today's video we are joined by Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn   (

Michael talks broadly about what marketing and communication approaches he is seeing in different hotel groups and regions as they face the challenge of opening.

We then talk a little more specifically about the importance of a CRM in these times to ensure your messaging is really targeted to your different personas

He also touches on the increased relevance of a CRM as hoteliers prepare for a ‘cookie’ free world in 2023.

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Areas covered are:
• Importance of continual communication with guests (2.52)
• Hyper local, local, regional, national and international markets (5.58)
• Impact of air travel for next 3 months unless ‘air bridges’ are introduced (8.38)
• Will drive market really fill the void (11.15)
• How social distancing is impacting ancillary revenue loss (15.23)
• Thoughtful pricing, positioning and messaging is critical (17.38)
• Complexity of costs in re-opening for meetings and impact on who covers these costs (19.15)
• Data showing June 1st start and building through August and September (22.12)
• Acceleration in CRM to micro segment and build personas (26.46)
• ‘Cookie Free’ by 2023 (29.21)
• Personalised pricing (33.43)

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