Brake The Mould Parking Podcast with John Gallagher

May 21, 2020, 02:30 PM

In this week’s episode we talk to POPLA’s lead adjudicator, John Gallagher who did a deep dive into the workings of POPLA and some of the most pressing issues within the industry and how we may be looking towards change in the future.

Is there a better way of feeding appeals data back to providers and the wider motoring community to provide transparency and ultimately, raise understanding, standards and the whole experience?

Is there a way that POPLA could be less black or white with their appeals process? There are approximately 30 POPLA trained assessors from various backgrounds with many years of dispute resolution experience. There are, however, a number of details that can impact the decision such as varied levels of legal points and mitigating circumstances presented.

John shared his insight into why this impacts the appeal process as a whole.

John brings a wealth of experience and shares his insight on how the parking industry as a whole can continue to improve and support the customers.