The Difference Between a Reverse Flow and Offset Smoker

May 26, 2020, 12:30 PM

Guess what? The PitMasters Secrets podcast is back! Today, we're talking about the differences between a reverse flow smoker and an offset smoker! We don't have our podcast room up, so we are just gonna take a drive in my truck while I lay it down!

Howdy Podcasters! On today's episode I'm talking about the main differences between a reverse flow smoker and an offset smoker.

Here's an outline for those of your wanting to follow along:

Reverse Flow Smoker Vs. Offset Smoker (Differences)
  • Construction Of:
    • Baffle Plate versus Throat Baffle
    • Smoke Stack Location
    • Fire Box Height
  • Operation:
    • Temperature Control
    • Start Up Sequence Options
    • Temperature Zones
  • Cooking Style:
    • Cooking Top Down versus Bottom Up
    • Flip and Rotate Food
    • Quantity of Food

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