This is Public: Resistance and Regeneration

Episode 5,   May 28, 2020, 02:58 AM

In this episode, we explore resistance and regeneration in the city across the decades. A city is constantly changing, developing, regeneration yet every generation resists this change. Landscape amnesia or creeping normalcy sets in, where people believe the city has always been in the form they know and love and want little change during their lifetime.

What are some of the most significant campaigns against change in the city? And have they been warranted? What was lost and what was gained? What is the underlying reason for resistance?

We also interrogate how developers/development give back to the city in generous and meaningful ways if demolishing or changing much-loved aspects of the built environment. How are they soothing us during times of major disruption and is the healing balm working?

Resistance and Regeneration interviews include:
  • Felicity Watson, Executive Advocacy Manager from the National Trust Victoria talks about key moments in Melbourne’s history that have truly shaped the city.
  • Sophie Kvist and Anna Muessig from Gehl Architects discuss the evaluation of the Metro Tunnel Creative Program.