South Pacific Sadness: Episode 21 (The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy & Warren Delano, FDR's Opium Smuggling Grandpa)

Jun 01, 2020, 10:00 AM
Just in time for summer, this episode we taste-test two very different versions of the Mai Tai, taking a trip back in time when a very problematic Tiki culture reigned supreme. We sample the original 1944 version and the 1953 reboot. The OG rum cocktail was once so popular it depleted world rum supplies for a bit. Cheers y’all!

ALSO DISCUSSED: Tux swearin’ like he grown, British Baking Show escapism, Rent the Runway for pineapples, Christoper Columbus’s thieving ass, Karens, “President” Benjamin Harrison, Turd Cruz, tiddies, the loosening of jaw gums, the Princess Kaiulani Movie, watercolors, Rupaul-isms, shrugs, Tux dropping science and Stephanie’s new BFF Rum.

Princess Kaiulani movie:

TUX talks about the very scandalous way the Hawaian monarchy was overthrown. Not many people know that long before Hawaii was a state it was a sovereign nation with a queen, a democratically elected legislature and ambassadors all over the world. This was true until a powerful group of white Hawaiian businessmen set their sights on the island nation.

STEPHANIE tells the story of Warren Delano’s “fair, honorable, and legitimate trade” in illegal drugs. This scandal is about how the Delano empire secured its wealth but it’s really a scandal about freedom the freedom to secretly roll around in drug monies.

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