0007 Ramen Town

Apr 17, 2012, 05:02 PM, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Japan

If you need proof that Japan is the noodle capital of the world, consider the Ramen Museum in Yokohama which is devoted obsessively to these inexpensive Chinese delicacies. Ramen is ubiquitous and popular, a staple food of poor college students the world over, and this is ramen's shrine. The museum walls are adorned with instant ramen packets from around the globe; wall-mounted TVs show continuous loops of ramen commercials, and the invention of cup ramen is celebrated. The museum also houses “Ramen Town” a mini-historical theme park. And no museum visit is complete without a stop at the gift shop, where you can buy a full line of noodle merchandise from pencils to tote bags to, well, ramen. #ceas #japan #tsutsui #hacker Original Broadcast Dates: November 16-19, 2005.