Meditating in the Mandala (The Dharma Toolkit, Episode 29)

Episode 406,   Jun 06, 2020, 07:56 PM

Exploring in the body and in meditation a dynamic mandala of five key principles: 

Integration Positive Emotion Spiritual Death Spiritual Rebirth Spiritual Receptivity

To mark our latest Home Retreat, led by Tejananda, an excellent conversation and primer on meditation from a body-focussed perspective.

Tejananda's key image is of the dynamic mandala. Dharma practice is itself dynamic and transformative. And the transformation lies in gradually discovering how both we and the world are not at all what we originally supposed! Seeing this, we can begin to uproot the causes of suffering in our own experience.

This approach to practice is centred on the living energy of our body and being. Through being open to the energy of the body, and by becoming attuned to its actual nature, we’ll discover ways to integrate the stages of a spiritual path into a single, embodied experience of ‘simply being’.

Tejananda will support this Home Retreat with a series of daily meditations and inquiries, exploring in some depth the nature of our human experience.

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Theme music by Ackport! Used with kind permission.

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