Case 009: The President & The Pop Pawn

Season 2, Episode 1,  Jun 09, 2020, 02:00 AM

The Pop Detectives are back in business, albeit from the safety of their own homes. To kick off series two...Was Miley Cyrus hired by Barack Obama to create hysteria in the media so that the American public didn’t know what he was really getting up to?

It’s a brand new series and Ricky and Tony have got everything they need, including the all important rubber ‘case-solved’ stamp, to safely crack an in-tray full of new cases from home.

This week’s tip-off is that Barack Obama allegedly hired Miley Cyrus as a political distraction tool to avert the public’s gaze away from new legislation that some say wasn’t going to go down well with the American public. Was her infamous performance at the 2013 VMAs all an elaborate case of smoke and mirrors orchestrated by the then president to fill the media with stories about her antics rather than his policies?

Ricky and Tony as always have the very best experts at hand. They speak to Lance Price, former spin-doctor under Alistair Campbell during Tony Blair’s time at No. 10 to find out if this stuff really goes on in politics; as well as speaking to a doctor of pop, Dr. Adam Behr who knows a thing or two about how pop stars use the media.

The Pop Detectives are back in the thick of it with this one!

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