Episode #338: ‘Pitch’ 1x10 - The Controversial Mound

Jun 08, 2020, 05:38 PM

The ReWatchable hosts take the mound one last time to discuss the series finale, Pitch season 1, episode 10, "Don't Say It."

Superfans: Danielle and Ariana
Newbies: Kendra and Natalie

Fun Facts: Kendra went slacklining! She is very, very cool. Natalie completed her front garden, and is making the world better a little piece at a time. Ariana made a Chrissy Teigen crepe (it was quite ugly, but very delicious), and Danielle took a social distancing drive down a generally busy but now eerily quiet downtown Chicago.

Pitch season 1, episode 10, "Don’t Say It"

- Mike is back in the clubhouse! He doesn’t exactly get the warmest of welcomes, but Sonny did try and do his part to get the slow clap going.
- Bachelor Mike has to confess to Blip that Chicago did not accept his rose, but Blip is going through his own problems right now and is not here for Mike’s mess.
- Mike and Ginny decide they don’t need to talk about last night, so they don’t, but the SUBTEXT is screaming that they have some *ehem* unresolved stuff to work through.
- Sometimes it’s nice when people play the guitar, but sometimes it’s cringey— like when a billionaire mogul performs in a coffee shop...
- Mike’s ex-wife knows what she is doing and frankly it’s not cute.
- Al tells Mike he doesn’t want The New Girl deep down, he wants the girl that’s always been there, but Mike is dumb and doesn’t realize this is just a metaphor.
- Evelyn wants more out of life and we support her in spirit but still think a restaurant isn’t the greatest idea in this economy.
- Blip is tired of being everyone’s backup guy, and he is VERY tired of Mike being a sulky baby.
- Screwgies is a terrible idea but from a production standpoint it would at least give us a standing set.
- Ginny is really nice to her stealing brother, and really mean to Amelia (who maybe had it coming, but not like this!)
- Ginny is the center of Amelia’s world, which is deeply sad because it’s not reciprocated.
- We have some VERY strong feeling about whether or not Ginny should have been pulled from her no-hitter game. Multiple hearts are broken.
- Favorite scenes
- Favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
- This episode ran long, so we are going to read through the feedback on our Pitch series wrap up!

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