Email list building strategies to grow your tribe with Allie Van Fossen, The Journey Junkie

Episode 31,  Jun 27, 2020, 08:55 AM

Email List Building Strategies to Grow Your Tribe with Allie Van Fossen, The Journey Junkie

In this interview you're going to learn the strategies that Allie Van Fossen has used to grow her email list and community to over 50,000 yogis worldwide.

Topics Covered:
  • Allie's vision five years ago when she was starting at 0 - and how that now looks with 70,000 yogis on her list
  • How Allie approaches content creation and re-purposing so that she can show up consistently week after week with content that supports her tribe's journey
  • The role that content has played to not only grow her list but also to nurture the subscribers on it
  • Spending $10k on Facebook ads for one launch and the mindset shifts that come with it
  • Why teachers should move their focus from Instagram to growing their list
  • How the size of your email list relates to the size of your bank account

And so so much more!

This interview is full of golden nuggets of wisdom that will really make you rethink where and how you spend your time.

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