You Win Some, You Lose a Few Hundred (with Michael Kovach and Ashley Nichols)

Episode 129,   Jun 17, 2020, 07:01 AM

Go watch the Hazbin Hotel pilot:

HuniCast is hosted on Ashley’s channel:

Michael’s socks for hands:

Extra voiceover provided by:

For reference, the Rode Podcaster is about a pound and a half of hard metal. Joe probably doesn’t have it taped to his face.

“We Have a Gay Spider”, used during the Three Shells Method reading, is by Gooseworx and Evan Alderete, ℗ 2019 Goosetunes. If the copyright holder wishes for this track to be removed, contact us at the email address below.

We’ve also had Ricepirate, who plays Husk in Hazbin Hotel, on the podcast:


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