Episode 90 - Discover How Nurturing The Little Fish Will Increase Sales

Season 1, Episode 90,  Jul 15, 2020, 09:10 PM

Brittany Baldwin
Brittany Baldwin is a woman on a mission to bring simplicity to sales. 
As a sales professional who facilitated over $115m in sales, Brittany now works with business leaders to equip them with a predictable and proven sales system designed to turn prospects into paying customers. 
Before entering her first sales role, the closest she had come to selling was a pair of shoes on eBay.  Fast forward two years, she had been promoted three times, reaching the second-highest sales position within a multi-million-dollar corporation, all by the age of 27. 
In this episode of the We Are Women Podcast; Brittany explains why it is important to always be learning how to improve your sales conversations and repeat what works best for you.  Learn how to focus on nurturing the little fish instead of chasing the big whale and why that will increase your sales results.
Brittany shared top selling tips about how to develop a sales mindset and unlock your potential to overcome the major fears of selling.  She talks about the importance of follow up and how to prepare for sales calls.
If you are not generating enough sales in your business, then this is a must-listen.
You can find Britany at www.ticktocksales.com.au and purchase her new book, ‘Database to Dollars’
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