The Disappearance of Lee Cutler (S1 E5)

Jun 17, 2020, 10:00 AM

This one truly haunts Patrick's nightmares. Honestly. WHERE. THE HELL. IS HE?

18 Year old Lee Cutler was last seen on October 20, 2007. He spent the night before at a friend's house and was dropped off at his home at 10 am that morning. He was scheduled to work at a clothing store at the local mall at noon. But he never showed up.

A  day later, his car was found about 200 miles away. A makeshift campsite was found in the woods close by. His family identified a few items found at the campsite as his, so they knew Lee had been there. Searchers also found a note to Lee's mother and his clothes and wallet on a rock near a close by river.

His mother insists Lee wasn't suicidal, and local authorities concur that if Lee had gone into the woods to harm himself, they would have found him.
SO WHERE IS LEE CUTLER? Is he out there somewhere living under the radar? Did he flee to a foreign country? Or is something more nefarious at play?

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