Gender and Money: What should your role be?

Jun 19, 07:00 AM

Gender roles and money have been fairly set for centuries. Men handle the money and women handle the household. Those roles are changing however but women are still falling behind in taking their place in the handling of their finances. Why is that? 

Meredith Moore has long been fascinated by gender roles and money and has been working to change the rhetoric for women. She shares how throughout history, women have been marginalized and even into the early 80s could not open their own bank accounts. 

This, along with a lack of education, has kept many women from taking a larger role in the finances of their households and businesses. Listen as Meredith shares ways that women and men can be more involved together with their finances and why it’s so important to build a strong relationship.

The information Meredith shares is golden. One of the biggest tragedies is having bright women who are experts in their fields be bowled over by finances when something unexpected happens at home. Whether there’s a parting of ways or one spouse passes, neither person in the relationship should be surprised by the state of their finances. 

If this has been an issue in your household, listen in for amazing tips on how you can start taking greater interest and notice of your finances. 

Show Notes:
  • [01:55] Gender and money… Do women feel like they play a certain role? 
  • [03:01] Welcome Meredith Moore to the show and listen as she shares her story.
  • [05:10] When do the beliefs around money, gender, and roles start being established? 
  • [07:25] Is this a psychological trend? 
  • [09:19] What would Meredith say to the woman who needs to be more involved? 
  • [12:24] Is financial literacy or engagement more important? 
  • [13:41] How does fear impact women taking certain roles in their finances? 
  • [16:08] Has there been a shift in the thinking about money as generations come up? 
  • [18:36] Any big mistakes that she had to overcome in her career? 
  • [21:32] Meredith shares a bit of advice how we can make gender role shifts easier.
  • [24:07] Connect with Meredith.
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