Case 011: Fools Gold

Season 2, Episode 3,  Jun 23, 2020, 02:00 AM

Ricky & Tony have received a tip-off that all might not be what it seems with gold and platinum record awards. Have they uncovered the new great rock n roll swindle?

Ricky’s been lucky enough to receive some gold and platinum awards in his time. However, he once noticed that the grooves and tracks on one of his Kaiser Chiefs gold records didn’t match the ones from the actual vinyl. What’s going on? Are all Gold/Platinum records actually all the same record? If so, what record is it? If not then who on earth’s record does Ricky have?

To try and crack this case Ricky and Tony need to chat to those in the know, like Gennaro Castaldo from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) who are the ones who give out the awards, as well as going straight to the source, to the man who actually makes them, Bryan Barns from Award Framers International. 

Is there a perfectly logical explanation here or have we got a case of Fools Gold?

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