Want Your Revenue Manager to be Strategic .... Do You Have an RMS?

Jun 24, 2020, 03:15 PM
This podcast is the audio taken from a recent video interview with Michael McCartan, founder of mccartan.tech and Michael Sandeen, Senior Revenue Manager at Pace https://www.paceup.com/

Here is the link to the video:

In this interview we continue our discussion about the evolution of the revenue manager role, looking at how an RMS can liberate the revenue professional, how a lack of technology can hold them back and where the RMS needs to develop further to enable the revenue professional to realise their full potential

Topics covered include:

  • How many hotels are utilising an RMS
  • How does the RMS liberate the revenue professional
  • Time saving is a very limited reason to invest in an RMS
  • What more can an RMS offer the revenue professional
  • RMS like a GPS and not yet an autonomous driving vehicle
  • How does the RMS need to develop to help the revenue professional evolve
  • Focus of revenue professional if they were more strategic
  • How can you avoid following rouge hotels when they drop prices
  • Why is focus still room pricing when TRM and profit are hot topics
  • Segmentation and value of guests needs to be far more detailed

In this podcast we reference Adrienne Hanna of Right Revenue

And here is a recent video interview we did with her around the evolving role of the revenue professional: